Sometimes You Just Need An Adventure

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1. Get out and travel.

Travel is one of the first types of adventure that comes to mind.

And when I say travel, sure, leave your comfort zone, but know you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars traveling overseas to other continents and whole different nations.

Traveling can be as easy as getting on your bike and picking a path, or throwing on a pack and backpacking through your state. Get out there and live the adventure filled life of your dreams!

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It isn’t going to happen on it’s own.

2. Be spontaneous.

Don’t let me tell you not to make plans, but be spontaneous sometimes too.

Take cool opportunities, even if they might inconvenience some plans or routines you already have. There’s nothing wrong with saying “yes!” to life.

3. Enjoy the awesome aspects of your life.

Sometimes we get so caught up thinking about the future and about the things that we would like to be doing that we forget to consider how great our lives are already.

Take stock of the awesome aspects of your life and don’t leave them behind in your rush to the next thing.

4. Be an authentic person.

You just do you. Be yourself and you’ll attract the right people who will help you discover your true potential and find awesome possibilities.

5. Keep people in your life who empower you.

Those “right” people I was talking about have the potential to empower you beyond what you thought.

Keep them near you and definitely keep them in your life. They’ll help you go far.

6. Don’t let toxic people in.

Sometimes we encounter people opposite of the types we talked about it #4 and #5. Sometimes we find ourselves with terrible, toxic people in our lives.

Sometimes we let them in romantically, sometimes as family members, and sometimes as friends. In any case, if you’ve already let them in, show them the door.

7. Always look for the best in everything.

Life is pretty awesome, after all.

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