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New people come into our lives practically on a daily basis. But, truly nice people are hard to find.

People with hidden motives are often able to hide behind the mask of a nice person and keep their hidden agenda a secret for a long time; and we don’t realize that they’ve used us or taken from us until it’s too late.

So, how can you tell someone has a hidden motive? Below are 5 signs to look for that will give you a clue.

1. It’s always all about them

People with a hidden agenda can’t talk about anything but themselves. They may pretend to be interested in you and your life, but always wind up talking about them and what they want.

If this sounds like someone you know, the next time it happens, point it out to them.

If they get really angry and deny it rather than apologizing and promising to stop doing it, put them out of your life.

2. They use different tactics to persuade you

Because, if one tactic doesn’t work, they’ll try another…and another…and another. Their goal is to manipulate you until they get what they want.

And, they won’t give up until they do. Pay close attention and refuse to give in.

3. Unusual body language and eye contact

Manipulators make a habit out of lying. But, even those who are really good at it can be given away by their body language and eye contact.

They may seem uncomfortable, fidgety and/or have a hard time making eye contact. Excessive blinking is also a sign that someone is lying.

So, pay close attention to these signs that your “friend” is not being truthful.

4. Always talk about the same thing

People with hidden agendas can’t seem to stop talking about what they want. Whatever it is they want you to do, they will bring it up every time you’re together.

They’ll keep talking and talking, trying to convince you that what they want you to do is a good idea.

Don’t give in. Try to change the subject and, if that doesn’t work, walk away.

5. You have a negative gut feeling

If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, don’t ignore it. One way to spot someone with hidden motives is how that person makes you feel.

If you experience negative emotions after talking to this person, it’s a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored.

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