5 Signs That Your Friend Is A Phony

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You’ve probably met at least a few people in your life that you referred to as “fake.” People who were inconsistent.

People who stretched the truth. People who refused to own up to their bad behavior. In short, people you probably struggled to trust.

But, how can you spot someone who’s being fake before you’re duped? Below are five signs that your “friend” is a phony.

Their story keeps changing

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Pexels / Victor

When people tell the truth, their story stays the same because that’s what really happened. People who lie have a harder time keeping the story straight.

That’s why if you suspect someone is being fake, you should listen for inconsistencies in their stories.

Body language

Pay attention to body language and facial expressions. Someone who is lying fidgets and looks uncomfortable, can’t maintain eye contact and blinks excessively.

Watch for the signs if you suspect someone isn’t telling you the truth.

Fake smile

You may fake smile occasionally. But, watch out for those who fake smile a lot! How can you tell the difference?

In a genuine smile, tiny wrinkles appear at the corners of the eyes, and the skin between the eyebrows and upper eyelids will move down.

While much of a smile can be produced voluntarily, some of the muscles used in a real smile can’t be contracted at will.

Never there when you need them

True friends care about one another and support one another.

If you have a “friend” who is never available when you need them the most, they’re a fake who doesn’t really care about you.

You have a negative gut feeling about them

How many times have you heard, “You should trust your gut”? There’s good reason for that. Sometimes, we can sense when a person is faking it.

But, because they’re just so nice, we ignore the early warning signs that our gut is telling us. Instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt, listen to your gut. It’s probably right.

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