Kindness Makes You The Most Beautiful Person

9 Ways To Attract Healthier Relationships

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Here are the nine ways to attract healthier relationships:

1. Maintain a healthy self-image.

Not a healthy image necessarily, but view yourself in a healthy way.

Acknowledge your shortfalls but also keep in mind that you're super awesome and if you put yourself out there and give it some time, you're going to attract the best mate ever.

2. Be good to yourself.

It's important for you to be happy. You can't be happy with someone else without being happy with yourself. Treat yourself well.

Eat good food. Get exercise. Drink water. Take a spa day. Go on vacation. Treat yourself well.

3. Let go of your baggage.

I think we've all gone through some tough stuff in the past, but it's important to our recovery that we leave our baggage behind.

The ways people hurt us won't necessarily ever happen again. Just because you were cheated on by one partner doesn't mean the rest will be like that. You know what I mean?

4. Think about what makes a good relationship.

Consider some of the good relationships in your life. The one between your grandparents or your best friends. What makes those relationships so great? How do they keep it up?

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5. Forget about appearance.

The bad boy, the aloof girl, it's so attractive isn't it? Well, forget about it. These people aren't worth it. Don't chase anyone. Don't sacrifice yourself like that.

6. Date the nice ones.

This is certainly the most obvious of the bunch, isn't it? If you're dating a jerk, stop dating them. If you've got a nice one on the line, you might opt to keep up with them.

7. Listen to your heart.

Not the people around you. YOU are in charge of determining what is or isn't important to you in a relationship. No one can tell you what to want or what to look for.

8. Have fun!

This rolls in with #2. Have some fun! Be yourself. Go out there and have a good time. Grab a drink with friends. Go rock climbing. Go to a show. Have a good time.

9. Try not to overthink it.

If you're in a good relationship, don't overthink it. Don't plan too much on the future. Let it come as it does. I'm sure it'll work out.

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