6 Different Kinds of Narcissists To Watch Out For

The term narcissist is rooted in Greek mythology, and it comes from the story of Narcissus. Narcissus literally fell in love with his own reflection, and it resulted in his demise.

Freud used the term to describe people who seemed completely self-absorbed, and as a result, out of touch with reality.

Narcissists aren't uncommon in today's society, especially with the rise of social media, which allows people to display even the most mundane aspects of everyday life, feeling more important than they really are.

Although there are many narcissists out there, not all of them are the same.

In fact, there exists several different types of narcissists that you are likely to encounter at least once in your lifetime.

This could a coworker, a significant other, a friend, or even a family member. Here are six different types of narcissists and what they're all about.

1. The Victim

These narcissists are sneaky and often hard to identify, but they are also master manipulators. They use affection to feed their narcissism, and they seek for situations that allow them to be portrayed as the underdog.

In order to do so effectively, they need to have their sob story perfected, and by the time you come into contact with them, they probably will.

A victim narcissist will never be responsible for their own misfortune.

2. The Puppet Master

These narcissists are controlling, and they can't handle it when things don't go according to plan.

In order to control every situation, they've learned to manipulate anyone involved using a variety of different tactics.

They are extremely skilled when it comes to identifying a person's weak spot, and they have absolutely no concept of empathy, integrity, or personal space.

They don't really have friends or even understand the relationship, which means they can easily set people against others.

3. The Winner

These narcissists will always try to place themselves above everyone else. Feeling superior to others is how they feed their own self-image, which makes even the smallest of tasks a competition.

This behavior is not confined to sports, achievements, or academics, but involves all things in life.

Friendship, parenting, or even spirituality become competitions to these narcissists, and it's dangerous to be around.

4. The Know-It-All

These narcissists believe that they are the most intelligent and most informed person in any situation.

Their opinions become fact, no matter what evidence exists to prove them wrong, and no middle ground exists; you are either with them or completely against them.

They rarely take the time to listen to anyone else, and are considered to be extremely preachy.

Perhaps one of the clearest identifiers this type of narcissist has is their willingness to provide unsolicited advice to the people around them.

5. The Antagonist

This type of narcissist will always have an enemy; they will scream at other drivers on the road, berate and criticize wait staff at restaurants, and leave notes for people who bother them.

They always believe that they are in the right, which justifies their taking action against someone else.

This type of behavior makes it almost impossible for them to sustain healthy relationships, and they've probably had to quit jobs due to office disputes.

6. The Status-Absorbed

This type of narcissist is probably the type people are most familiar with, especially in this day and age where an online presence is important.

These narcissists define their self-worth through the validation of others, and they have no internal sense of themselves.

They put all their energy into accumulating money, power, and popularity, no matter how materialistic they have to be. This doesn't just apply to themselves, but to others as well; you're only as important as other people make you.

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During this stage either feelings will develop closer to love, and increase passion or commitment, or they will eventually fade and grow closer to a friendship It all depends on shared values, interests, and needs.

Empty Love

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This is a tricky kind of relationship. On one hand, it is an exclusive relationship with an agreed-upon commitment. Couples experiencing this type of love could spend years on end together but still lack intimacy and passion. They may truly enjoy each other's company and care deeply about one another but still be missing that special spark that makes everything come together.

Over time the relationship becomes comfortable but boring. It's not necessarily that anyone is doing anything wrong, but there is no denying that the relationship is just missing something to make it feel passionate and exciting.

Fatuous Love

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This is the most common type of love as it includes two of the three foundations: commitment and passion. Couples often find that enough to pursue their relationship and exchange their vows. Yet, this kind of relationship despite having attraction lacks true intimacy.

These kinds of relationships go through many ups ad downs, they have their good days but they also have the days where they feel like they're not truly happy or like their needs aren't being fully met. This could be due to differing love languages or because the couple isn't able to reach a high enough level of vulnerability to fully give themselves to someone else.

Romantic Love

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This kind of love has another combination of the three pillars of love: passion and intimacy. The feelings are there and so is the attraction. Couples in this kind of relationship feel really close to one another and it's easy for them to open up. They fall deeply in love, rather quickly and naturally. The only problem is they can't necessarily agree on where the relationship is headed so they just brush it off.

They put off serious commitments hoping to just go with the flow and figure the rest out in time. Unfortunately in many instances, the relationship reaches a termination point because of major commitments that can't be agreed on.

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Companionate Love

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Companionate love consists of commitment and intimacy, another combination that is still lacking. This type of love is somewhere between the line of friendship and love. There is somewhat of an attraction that makes the friendship feel stronger but it's mostly due to the strong bond that's shared. This kind of couple is each other's best friend, They trust each other fully, and are able to be completely themselves.

The attraction is there and the love is genuine but it's missing that head over heels super-in-love kind of feeling. Many relationships develop into this kind of love after many years of marriage.

Consummate Love

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This is the ideal kind of love and yet it is the rarest of all. It is made of all the pillars of the perfect relationship: love passion, emotional and physical intimacy, and commitment. The levels of each vary throughout time but there is enough of each to keep the relationship young even after years of commitment. Arguments are resolved peacefully, affection is given freely and plans of the future are carried out.

These couples are just as in love as the day they met during their final days. They find ways to keep their relationships exciting and keep on surprising one another. They never allow themselves to truly get comfortable and stop appreciating what they have. They trust each other fully while still pursuing their own independence.

Healthy Love

man spins woman around in a forest

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All that matters in love is that you are happy and the love is healthy. The rest can be developed and worked on with the right person. In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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