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6 Behaviors That People Who Respect Themselves Never Tolerate

Being a self-respecting person is not always an easy thing. There are bullies and forces in our lives that make us feel not so very good about ourselves.

But once you've become a self-respecting person, there's just a slew of behaviors that become endlessly obnoxious. These are the 6 big ones.

1. Choosing to be lazy.

We all have lazy days, even self-respecting people. But what's really annoying is when people choose to be lazy all the time.

Self-respecting people have a passion for getting things done and having everything squared away at the end of the day.

Lazy co-workers, partners, and house mates really grind their gears.

2. Self-sabotage.

Self-respecting people have no time for those who sabotage their own happiness and success.

There are people who do it to themselves to get attention or to get out of the consequences for your actions. To those who respect themselves, the behavior is just sad.

3. Controlling behaviors.

Self-respecting people have their crap together, it's something they often love about themselves.

When someone enters their life and tried to control everything, it doesn't blow over well. They don't like bossy partners and they seriously dislike micromanaging bosses.

4. Doing things you hate.

Self-respecting people don't have time for stuff they hate and don't want to hear you complaining about the boyfriend you don't like or the job that you hate.

Do something about it. Don't just sit around and gripe. It's pointless.

5. Self hatred.

Self-respecting people have learned to love themselves, and part of that is ditching negative self-talk.

They can't tolerate it when people speak poorly of themselves in order to get attention or have other needs met. This isn't the way to get your needs met.

6. Brown nosing.

This one is a doozy. No self-respecting person would ever suck up, kiss butt, and brown nose to get to where they need to be in life. It's such a gross thing to do anyway.

If you're going to move up in the world, let your hard work and actions do the talking for you.

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