6 Behaviors That Become Obnoxious Once You’re Started Respecting Yourself

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Being a self-respecting person is not always an easy thing. There are bullies and forces in our lives that make us feel not so very good about ourselves.

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But once you’ve become a self-respecting person, there’s just a slew of behaviors that become endlessly obnoxious. These are the 6 big ones.

1. Choosing to be lazy.

A woman laying in bed, streaks of light appearing across her face.
Unsplash / Chase Yi
Unsplash / Chase Yi

We all have lazy days, even self-respecting people. But what’s really annoying is when people choose to be lazy all the time.

Self-respecting people have a passion for getting things done and having everything squared away at the end of the day.

Lazy co-workers, partners, and house mates really grind their gears.