Laughing Through Hard Times

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1. We don’t like normal dates.

The last time I was single, my favorite place to take a guy was to the bar near my house. That doesn’t sound too abnormal, right? This bar was different.

It was home to every drunk-at-8pm guy or gal in the neighborhood. Something weird always happened there. I got a kick out of it. I enjoyed seeing how my dates handled it.

Not to sound like too much of a jerk here – they did often enjoy their dates with me.

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2. If you’re not sure if we’re joking, assume we are.

We weirdos hate small talk and seriousness. We tend to skip straight to sarcasm and casual ribbing. I’m funny, what can I say?

If you can’t tell if we’re joking, assume we are.

3. We don’t get clubs.

Loud music where you can’t talk to anyone. Sounds boring. Take us for a hike or to a run down amusement park or somewhere fun like that.

4. We are strange dancers.

My dancing style ranges from somewhere between drunk dad and stripper.

5. We will be inappropriate.

But we’re not insensitive. We’ve simply learned over time that there is such a thing as a sense of humor and by god, we found ours.

6. We’re the life of the party, but…

If the party sucks, we’re getting out of there. Ain’t no faking it.

7. We’re phone weird.

Sometimes we screen calls or fail to respond for weeks. Sorry. There’s a lot going on in our heads.

8. We’re charming.

Get ready for that.

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