Wash Your Laundry And Exercise With This Unbelievable Eco-Bicycle

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Ugh, laundry is a never ending chore. No matter what there are dishes and clothes that have to be washed.

Some students at Dalian Nationalities University, in China, have addressed not only this issue, but added a whole new spin on multitasking. The students have dubbed it simply ‘Bike Washing Machine’ or B.W.M.

Perfect for a student, low income families, or anyone wanting to save a buck and shed some weight. The front ‘wheel’ is actually the loading and washing component of the machine.

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The pedals are attached to a generator and the front ‘wheel’. There is a monitor that tracks the washing cycles progress and the energy created/consumed.

You can’t use the bike to go anywhere, but you are trading mobility for accessibility. You won’t have to trek to the laundromat or carry your clothes across town.

When you pedal, it turns the drum and creates electricity. You don’t have to use the energy right there and then, it can be stored for future use.

The bike isn’t being mass produced yet, but the students that developed this have high hopes for it. They are not trying to scalp consumers with the final asking price, whatever it may be.

There have been similar designs like this in the past, but none have had much success. With today’s focus on sustainability and smart multitasking, this model could be fairly successful.

It is small, with no setup required. There aren’t many details on the specifics of the design yet. It is clear though that you will pour the water in yourself. How you will drain it is a mystery as of yet.

A very cool concept that will help you get your blood flowing and knock out another chore. It might be a great way for you to start your day or begin to ease yourself into an active lifestyle.

Always great to see the wheels of innovation spinning.


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