This Lavender Lemonade Recipe Will Help Relieve Headaches, Stress, And Anxiety

Stress is a hard to diagnose ailment that is contributing greatly to many modern ailments.

When experiencing stress over long periods of time, it has numerous short and long term effects on the body.

Many common day to day problems like headaches, weight gain and loss, anxiety and poor outlook all stem, in one form or another, stress.

Reducing stress seems like a logical and necessary step in caring for one's health. This is easier said than done, in this modern age of deadlines, greed, poverty, readily available stimulants and sensory overloads.

People have been paying more attention to this subtle need, as we see in increased interest in yoga, meditation, gardening and other relaxing ways to pass the time.

Lavender has long been used as a holistic way to soothe the nerves and induce relaxation. Usually used as a powerful extracted oil, it is common in night sprays, soaps, bath bombs, and various beauty products.

It contains over 150 active compounds. The effects of lavender oil are numerous but the main benefits are effective anti depressant, anti-inflammatory and sedation agent.

When I heard about its use in lemonade I was intrigued with its funky design. It combines the effects of lavender with lemonade, into a concoction that balances delicious flavor and nutritional benefits.

Credit: Oh So Delicioso

Mix Together In A Pitcher:

  • 1 Cup Of Raw Honey
  • 12 Cups Of Pure Water
  • A Couple Drops Of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 6 Lemons

This beverage can be consumed at any time and can reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and rate, reduce the chances of headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

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