5 Obvious Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working In Your Favor

The Law Of Attraction is a modern spin on ancient philosophies. Through conceptualization and effort we can draw more positive elements and opportunities to us.

If we imagine an opportunity or aspect of reality and focus on it, working towards that goal, we can manifest our desires and wishes.

It's a simple concept that a lot of people complicate. Below is a checklist of common occurrences that happen as we start to strengthen and broaden our communication with the universe or higher power.

You Always Feel Ready For Change

You aren't afraid to face your fears and challenges head on, giving everything you've got to life. You accept the things you can't change and are grateful for what you can change.

Change is a necessary and unstoppable part of life. By welcoming constantly in flux aspects of life, we ensure that we are in a position to best take advantage of our shifting horizons.

Your Attention Is Kept On The Present Moment

The present moment is the only time frame that we have power over. The past is irreversible and subject to interpretation depending on why we are looking backwards.

The future is completely uncertain and full of assumptions and expectations. The best way to manifest a better tomorrow is to keep our present moment in line with our intentions.

You Naturally Turn The Negative Into Positive

You understand that you won't be successful at everything you do all the time. Besides our own shortcomings sometimes negative aspects pile up at our feet, seeming to limit our options.

You use the negative in your life to serve your best interests. Treat negativity like you would fertilizer or manure, use it to strengthen and grow other formations within you. Learn from your mistakes and don't let them haunt you.

You Feel Happy And Content

Your abilities give you a sense of Zen, regardless of what's going on in your life. You are confident in your ability to roll with the punches and maximize your harvest of good things in your life.

Even when everything seems counter intuitive and wrong you understand these feelings will pass.

Good Things Keep Happening To You

Despite any hiccups or shortcomings, you always seem to come out on top. This is due to the fact that you're flexible mentality and forward moving momentum help you adapt and maximize any possible benefits.

Also, you have learned to be appreciative for what you have, so this celebration attracts more benefits to you.

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