5 Reasons That People Feel Emotionally Lost

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Why is it that some people seem to have their life in order? It’s easy to think others have it all figured out because of their glossy outer appearance, until you walk a mile in their shoes.

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Just about everyone feels lost at some point in their lives. We’re all just trying to make sense of life as we go along.

Read below for 5 reasons people feel lost and what you can do about it.

1. Their sense of self is distorted

A man looking at himself in the mirror.
Pexels / Min An
Pexels / Min An

People who feel lost in life don’t like themselves very much. They tend to have a distorted sense of self that keeps them from appreciating their own beauty, intelligence and worth.

All they seem to see is how inferior, unworthy or insignificant they are, and how nothing they do is good enough.

Spend more time with yourself to figure out who you really are and what makes you happy. Then go after those things that make you truly happy and excited about life.

Believe in yourself and your own potential because if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.