How To Raise A Conscious, Awakened Child

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In some ancient cultures, the birth of a child was grieved.

It seems counter-intuitive to grieve life, but they believed the soul of the newborn child was wrenched from the spirit plane where truth and timelessness prevailed and forced into an existence of limitations and grief.

Maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not. But children are a precious asset to this world.

The way we raise our children determines the kind of world that we live in. It’s important to know how to raise a fully conscious and awakened child.

1. Remember that you don’t own your children.

A mother holding her baby close to her chest.
Pexels / Kristina Paukshtite
Pexels / Kristina Paukshtite

Parents tend to be possessive. I don’t think it has to do with ego so much as concern for safety, but it’s important to remember, as Khalil Gibran once said, that your children aren’t your children.

Instead, we should serve as springboards for our children to launch. We should support, not control.