2 Years After Colorado Legalized Weed, ALL Drug Related Charges Have Dropped Significantly With Record Revenue

I was on the ground campaigning hard for marijuana legalization in Colorado back in 2012. The one big fear the detractors had was that it would cause drug use to go up up and up and that children would get to it more easily.

Being 25 at the time, I knew kids were getting into it anyway. It was easy to find. Very easy to find. These people were clearly out of touch, and now there's some solid evidence to back it up. Since the passage of Amendment 64 two years ago, charges for possession, cultivation and distribution dropped by 80%. The authorities no longer waste their time and taxpayer money on marijuana.

“It's heartening to see that tens of thousands of otherwise law-abiding Coloradans have been spared the travesty of getting handcuffed or being charged for small amounts of marijuana," said Art Way, Colorado State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance. “By focusing on public health rather than criminalization, Colorado is better positioned to address the potential harms of marijuana use, while diminishing many of the worst aspects of the war on drugs."

Not only that, but according to the Drug Policy Alliance, all drug-related charges have declined by 23% at the judicial level. And of course, being a noteworthy selling point for the law, Colorado beat expectations and is projected to announce $125 million in taxes collected last year. “I attribute it to … more and more people … comfortable with the legalization of marijuana," said Tyler Henson, president of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. “They don't see it as something that's bad for them." It's as clear as day to me that the rest of the country should follow Colorado's lead.

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