7 Signs You Need To Let Go Of The Past And Move On

As we get older and find new things that interest our curiosity, it is more than okay to admit to yourself that you are ready to move on from the old and begin again with the new.

Everyone must go through these hard lessons of learning how they can let go of their past. It isn't an easy thing to do and most people would rather live comfortably knowing that nothing will ever change in their lives and that's how they like it.

Letting yourself dwell on the past can prove to have dire consequences in the future. You can never truly live in the present if you are still stuck in the past, something that rings true over and over again. So, as a heads up as to what you might expect when you are moving on from the old things you use to do, check for these warning signs that could indicate it's time for a change in your life.

1. Limited

If you find yourself limited in your freedom of doing the things that you want to do, then it could mean that you are ready for a change. If you are constantly craving more freedom, then become that change that you seek. Find the things that will allow you to be more free and then run with those things. Your happiness and freedom is entirely dependent on what you do in this exact moment.

2. Fearful

It is more than okay to admit that you are a little bit scared of the changes that may be happening in your life right now, however, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to face your fears head on. The sooner you are able to conquer those fears, all of your doubt and worry will soon begin to melt the more you accept those changes. Let yourself be open to the possibilities, let yourself be apart of the never ending experience.

3. Forcefully Positive

There will also be times where you find yourself being forcefully positive. This means you will stop at nothing to acknowledge the things that are going wrong with your life. Essentially, it's like the metaphorical mask you would wear while you're in public or in a group of friends. Take that mask off and confront your conflicts. This will give you the change you so desperately wanted all along.

4. Changed Beliefs

There will be times where maybe someone or something has convinced you to change your overall beliefs and or ethics. This is not a bad thing in the slightest, in fact, it means you're thinking with an open mind. Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, you must be able to accept your new beliefs and ethics. This change will bring you an entirely new perspective all together.

5. Endlessly Exhausted

Being relentlessly tired is not a good thing and should show you that you need some kind of change in your life. If you wake up with literally zero motivation to do anything at all, this is one of the biggest warning signs that you are in need of some kind of change in your life. Whatever the negative force may be, you must act swiftly to make sure that you do not fall into despair.

6. No Joy

If you find yourself with a lack of joy in the things that you use to do, then it may be time for you find some other interests in the world. There will always be things that you have never learned or knew about before, maybe now is the perfect chance for you to truly explore what joy means to you. Happiness comes in a variety of shapes and forms.

7. Cry Over Laugh

Finding yourself crying rather than laughing most of the time means that you are more than ready for a change in your life. If you cry relentlessly, without reason, without warning, without any idea, then you must find some kind of happiness once more. You are what makes you happy and no one else is going to make you feel that way but yourself. Self-love comes from deep within yourself. It may be time for a change but you must dig deep to figure out what that change looks like.

These are only some of the warning signs that you are in dire need of a change in your life. Keep your eyes open for any other learning opportunities for you to explore.

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