Libra and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship & More

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Can a Libra and a Cancer have a successful relationship? Yes! In fact, Libra Cancer compatibility is often highest in romantic relationships. This is because these signs long for a deep and loyal relationship so they’re willing to go to great lengths to fight for one. Once they feel a spark and care for someone they’ll put in the effort to grow the relationship.

However, Libra and Cancer belong to different elements which translate into very different personalities. Cancer is calm and cool as a cucumber while Libra likes to be the life of the party. But if they can use their qualities right, they can heighten each other’s lives and bring both excitement and calmness to the relationship.

At a first glance, Cancer and Libra seem like an unlikely match with Cancer hiding in their shell and coming off as shy to Libra, the social butterfly of the zodiac. However, they can go the distance despite their opposite personalities. This is a couple that will fight for love to make a relationship work even if they’re an odd pair.

So what works for and against Cancer and Libra compatibility? Let’s find out!

Libra Traits

A Libra is a person born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Being an air sign, Libras are free as a bird and thrive most when around other people. Their extroverted nature feeds off the energy of the world and they love to be surrounded by others who will entertain their sense of adventure. Libras show kindness to everyone around them which makes it easy to fall in love with them.

Spencer Selover / Pexels
Spencer Selover / Pexels

Libras can sometimes fixate on the details, mostly because they’re living moment to moment. They have a hard time seeing the big picture and calculating the long-term effects of their decisions. This also makes them moody and unable to break out of their emotions to think clearly. They’re also picky, and have high standards when it comes to love and their appearance.

However, Libras are symbolized by the scales and also crave balance. They do best in routine and prefer order. Libras are the kind of people who love to make checklists and spend Sunday cleaning for fun. However as much as they work, they also play hard. This balance also makes it easy for them to compromise, especially if it will bring harmony to their life. This makes them great friends and partners and helps them succeed as leaders in their professional lives.

Libras are do-gooders who feel a duty to bring justice to the world. By nature, they’re diplomatic and can take the time to understand another perspective. They care about the impact of their worst and chose them carefully. They’re naturally empathetic and often take on the baggage of those around the, However, this can turn them to people pleasers, too afraid to upset the person in front of them. They are non-confrontational and often indecisive because of it.. They would rather hold in their feelings at the risk of exploding eventually. Consequently, they take on more than they can chew, and even with the best intentions, they burn out. This makes them slightly unreliable.

Libras’ personality is ultimately full of life. They are witty and smart and will be able to use their active imagination to work their way out of any difficult situation. They’re great problem solvers ad others often go to them for advice. They have a zest for life and want to make it as fun as possible.

Cancer Traits

Those born between June 21 and July 22 belong to the Cancer zodiac. This sign is represented by the Crab and is linked to the moon and water, making it very emotional. Being so in tune with their feelings makes this sign prospective and empathetic to those around them. They are most known for their generosity, kindness, and for being highly emotionally intelligent to friends and strangers alike.

upside-down-photo-of-a-woman on grass with sunflowers
Criativithy / Pexels
Criativithy / Pexels

While Cancers can often be introverted and are known as one of the homebodies of the zodiac, they are attracted to those who bring them out of their shells and often have a hidden wild side. they are die-hard loyal to those they care about and long for committed relationships. Once their heart is set on someone, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that relationship work.

This devoted sign is also protective of their loved ones, and will usually put the needs of others above their own. They’re usually the parent figure of their social circles and can’t help but want to help everyone at any price.

Cancers give a lot and have high expectations of what they want in return. Although they don’t give expecting to take, they want a partner who is willing to be as empathetic and nurturing as they are. This is also because they want someone who understands them and doesn’t think of them as overbearing. Because Cancer is so in tune with feelings, they’re incredibly intuitive and can pick up on the slightest mood change. Cancers are essentially psychic, able to “read” people using their superior emotional intelligence. While at times this tells them when to back off, other times it makes them overthink and feel insecure, so they need constant validation.

It may be hard for them sometimes to tame their intense emotions, but they say these same emotions are what guide them toward the right people and situations. It also makes them very honest. They make decisions leading with their heart over logic, making them able to take life-changing risks, including falling in love.

Cancers may be incredibly caring and nurturing but they also can be overly sensitive. Just like Libras, they tend to fixate on small things which change their mood instantly. Cancers are so overwhelmed when they’re upset that they’ll either shut down or want revenge unless they’re given the space to talk it out. Although they try to get their way with kindness, they get to a point where they feel like the other person needs to feel their pain to understand them.

Libra And Cancer Communication

Libra and Cancer’s relationship is not easy but it can work if they keep up constant healthy communication. This couple highly respects each other and wants to make the relationship work. Libra is attracted to Cancer’s genuine and calm character while Cancer loves how much fun they have around Libra. However, their differences can also make communication feel overwhelming.

Katerina Holmes / Pexels
Katerina Holmes / Pexels

Libra will often feel stressed that their bluntness will upset Cancer. They also struggle in making Cancer understand their extroverted need to always be out and about because Cancer is a homebody who prefers a night of cuddling and watching movies. Cancer is so sensitive and can’t always handle their disagreements with Libra. They also can be a bit of a nag because they always want to talk out their feelings. However, this is their way of dealing with issues head-on and of showing that they care. It can take a lot of communication before cancer and Libra see eye to eye. While this is often exhausting, if they make it through this hurdle, they build enough of a solid foundation to take on the rest of the relationship.

Libra And Cancer Intimate Compatibility

Cancer and Libra have their fair chair of challenges in their relationship but this can work to their advantage when it comes to the bedroom. Because they both have such a deep ability to feel and relate to one another’s high level of empathy, they have great passion in their relationship. Once they’re around each other, they can’t resist but make up and cuddle up to each other, no matter how upset they might be at one another.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

Cancer is a water sign who values emotional connection. For them physical pleasure is intertwined with emotion. They need to feel safe and loved to have a satisfying intimate relationship. This is very compatible with Libra who is a pleaser and just as passionate. being an air sign, they are creative and push Cancer out of their comfort zone. Libra helps keep the relationship exciting and always moving forward. This mix of fun and connection gives both Libra and Cancer exactly what they need out of their relationship with each other.

Cancer and Libra’s relationship and these two have a strong bond, their physical intimacy strengths their bond and moves their relationship to the next level.

Libra And Cancer Trust

Libra and Cancer’s trust has its ups and down. They both trust in the relationship and are fully committed to making it work. They express their love differently but show each other effort in making each other happy. They are compatible on intellectual and romantic levels. However, they have enough differences that can create ruptures within their trust.

two hands pinky promise outdoors
Marcelo Chagas / Pexels
Marcelo Chagas / Pexels

Cancer is the kind of person who needs to talk out their feelings right away to get them out They prefer directness. Libras on the other hand just want to make life as enjoyable as possible, which can also make them avoidant. Libras would prefer to sweep things under the rug to avoid arguing. This can come off as dishonesty to Cancer.

The biggest problem relating to trust in this relationship comes down to Libra and Cancer’s differing interests and need for socializing. Libra loves to go out and are flirts by nature. While Cancers are also friendly people, they are homebodies who don’t always want to go out with Libra and see them flirt with other people. It takes time for them to respect these different needs without being insecure about them.

Libra And Cancer Personality Traits

The symbol of Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac is a balancing beam. Libas crave balance in all aspects of their life. They want to have fun but they also want to nurture their relationships and work towards their goals. They look for like-minded people who also aim to make people around them happy. In that sense, Cancer is a perfect match for them with their gentle and non-judgemental demeanor.

an-and-woman-dancing on forest path
Edward Eyer / Pexels
Edward Eyer / Pexels

Cancer is one of the most caring and nurturing sun signs. They are family-oriented beings who prioritize their domestic happiness. They give a lot, often not asking for much in return. However, they love the way that Libra takes care of them back. Not only does Libra show equal empathy towards cancer but it also teaches them to let go and have fun. This couple brings a lot of balance to each other’s life. Cancer brings harmony and calmness to Libra’s exciting life and rash decisions. Libra brings excitement and fun to Cancer’s usually serene life.

Libra And Cancer Emotional Compatibility

Astrologers say that emotional compatibility is one of the “biggest growth opportunities” for Cancer and Libra. Although both of these signs are passionate beings who feel deeply, they express their emotions differently and have differing needs. Sensitive Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means their emotions swing all over the place throughout the day. This can throw off Libra’s scales off balance and make them feel on edge. Libra wants constant good vibes and is easygoing, so Cancers’ constant need for validation can threaten their harmony. Although Cancer needs to talk things out to feel better and show that they care, their needs conflict emotionally with those of Libra.

Jasmine Carter / Pexels
Jasmine Carter / Pexels

However since Libra just wants to go back to a place of harmony, they’re willing to talk things out and smooth the situation back.

“Cancer needs space, while Libra wants to talk everything out,” astrologer Perrota says to Bustle: “Patience is always required. Thankfully, both signs have it.”

Libra And Cancer Dating Compatibility

The Cancer and Libra Signs both want the same things out of a relationship: security, attachment, passion and harmony. This makes them very compatible for dating if they can figure out how to align their energy so that they can work towards their common goal.

couple-having-fun on skateboard
Edward Eyer / Pexels
Edward Eyer / Pexels

This pairing progresses more slowly than some others because it takes time for them to figure out how to respond to each other’s needs ad communicate efficiently. Over time they find a balance between Cancer’s introverted personality and moodiness with Libra’s extroverted personality and avoidance. This is because their qualities make up for their differences. Once trust is established, Libra often goes out to get their social fix while giving their much-needed alone time. When they come home to each other, they reunite with passion

Cancer and Libra compatibility is also influenced by their placement on the zodiac wheel. They’re placed 90 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel giving them a squared placement. Astrologers say that squared relationships are typically complicated. As long as they’re up for the challenge, they will be able to avoid resentment and use their differences as an advantage to fulfill each other live’s. Libra will grow fond of Cancer’s emotional side and affection while Cancer will loosen up and find excitement in Libra’s social life.

Libra And Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Libra and Cancer’s friendship compatibility is no different than their romantic compatibility, it takes work and has a lot of disagreements. Libras love to have a big circle ad is attracted to loud and energetic environments. Cancer prefers to hang out in quiet places with their tight-knit groups. This makes it hard for these friends to find common ground and places that are fun for both of them. Cancer can get annoyed by Libra’s need to be in the spotlight while Libra gets frustrated with Cancer’s unwillingness to put themselves out there.

Leah Kelley / Pexels
Leah Kelley / Pexels

Compromise is key though, so as long as they both push each other out of their comfort zone, they will find appreciation in each other’s preferred environments.

When it comes to supporting one another, these two are always empathetic to each other’s feelings. However Libra can’t always keep up with Cancer’s ever-changing moods and constant need to blurt out how their feelings. Libras prefer to hold back.

Both being people pleasers who love to see those around them happy, they take care of each other and understand one another’s deep and complicated layers.

Potential Problems In Libra And Cancer Relationship

Cancers, as water signs, are ruled more by their heart, and have outstanding emotional intelligence and making it easy to express their emotions and request for their needs to be met. Libras, on the other hand, are more ruled by their head and prefer to avoid emotion if it means calmness and harmony. They avoid any situation that threatens to throw off their balance. These differences can cause Cancers to think Libras are cold and unempathetic and Libras to think Cancers are moody and needy.

Olya Kobruseva / Pexels
Olya Kobruseva / Pexels

It can be hard for Cancer and Libra to understand that they have different needs. As a water sign, Libra needs to understand that Cancer is sensitive to emotions which means that they need to protect their energy in places they feel safe, such as their home. Cancer also needs o understand that Libra is an element of air that is a free spirit who loves to go out and explore the world and needs some distance from emotion to thrive.

When Libra often chooses adventure and social events over staying home, Cancer may question Libra’s sincerity and true feelings for them, while Libra may start to feel suffocated by the relationship. Since Libras are more likely to leave a situation that no longer makes them happy, this may end with heartbreak for both of them.

Pros and Cons Of Libra And Cancer Compatibility

Pros of the Libra Cancer Relationship:

vjapratama / Pexels
vjapratama / Pexels

Cancer and Libra have the same values in building a life, family, and home together. They’re both completely devoted to love ad each other. They work in sync once they move past their communication issues and fulfill each other’s needs. They have a great intimate relationship ad understand each other at their core because they’re both equally empathetic, kind, and generous people with a great sense of justice. They love to make other people happy, especially each other. They’re able to balance each other out with Libra bringing fun and excitement while Cancer provides safety, and calmness and brings out deeper emotional layers to the relationship.

Cons of the Libra Cancer Relationship:

When the Libra and Cancer don’t always see eye to eye and can get frustrated at each other, feeling misunderstood. Cancer needs to fix any conflict that arises right away while Libra needs space and time. Cacer may find Libra insensitive at the moment especially because Libra sometimes runs away from fights. Libra on the other hand gets overwhelmed by cancer’s moodiness and sensitivity. At times it can feel like too much drama. It can create insecurities and make it hard to trust, especially because both of these signs are friendly and may come off like they’re flirting with other people.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

Are Libra And Cancer A Good Match?

It may seem at first that a Cancer and Libra relationship won't last because Cancer is a homebody and values security while Libra is a social butterfly who loves to flirt and charm those around them. However, this couple fights for their relationship and has the will to work through their issues.

Cancer has confidence in their emotions and a calm presence that attracts Libra and helps them let their guard down ad open up. Libra also attracts Cancer with its sense of adventure and fun. Together they can find balance and synchronize their energy to make a really good match.

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Libra?

Libras are most compatible with partners who are easygoing, social, and flexible. Their most compatible zodiacs are Libra Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Gemini is Libra's most compatible match because of its ability to match Libra on an emotional and intellectual level. These two are able to talk for hours about anything and everything. Libras and Geminis are both air signs who love to be accepted by others and bring life to the party. Both signs are curious, which helps them communicate and unlock deeper layers of life.

When a Libra meets another Libra, they find comfort in how similar they are. They connect over their passion for adventure and the need for balance and justice.

Aquarius brings out the good in Libra as they are preoccupied with justice and equality. They can spend hours sharing their hopes ad dreams both for themselves and the world itself.

What Are The Most Compatible Signs For Cancer

Cancer love to be around someone who pushes them out of their comfort zone and makes them feel loved through their passion. Cancer works best with other water signs who understand its emotional side. This makes them most compatible with Pisces. Pisces is just as sensitive as Cancer but a little less emotional. Together these signs understand one another and connect deeply. They create a sense of safety for each other through the good and the bad.

They ground each other. As a water sign, Cancer flows naturally to the earth sign, Taurus as well. In fact, Cancer's soulmate is most commonly found with Taurus because of their ability to validate Cancer and show their commitment long term. Taurus is grounded and stable in their emotion which helps stabilize Cancer's moodiness. The pair takes care of one another.

Are Libra And Cancer Soulmates?

It takes time for the Cancer and Libra relationship to work. But this pushes them to take it slow, which helps them make the relationship sustainable in the long run. Both Libra ad Cancer want their relationships to work. Neither sign gives up easily, and they simply fall deeper and deeper in love the harder they fight for each other. They will hold on to each other tightly and make soulmates out of another. They lear from the fights and from each other, pushing each other to grow individually and to grow the relationship by extension.

Should Libra And Cancer Marry?

The attraction between Cancer and Libra is strong, and they may fall in love quickly. However, the connection is mostly physical at first. Over time they unravel the deeper layers, which may bring about some ups and downs. It's important that this couple not rush into marriage.

But, if they take the time to understand how, through the challenge of one being an introvert and the other an extrovert, they will find stability and continue their passion for a lifetime.

Can Libra And Cancer Be Friends With Benefits?

It is not recommended for this match to be friends with benefits. Cancers are nurturing and sensitive beings who can't separate their emotions from their physical connections. They risk falling in love with their friend with benefits and getting hurt. Libra will feel too pressured to commit, which will ruin its fun. Libras and Cancers are better off as romantic partners or just friends.

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