Libra and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship & More

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Taurus and Libra are both signs that love to love. They romanticize relationships and ultimately each other, showering one another with affection. They complement each other, not only literally, but by combining the grounding of the air sign with the free spirit of the air sign. Together these two could fall into a love story worth writing a book about….at least in the beginning.

Libra and Taurus will fall for each other hard but the more time they spend together. the more their differences will creep in. If they don’t tackle the issues that surface right away, they will grow and their compatibility will decrease over time.

However, if they work through their differences, their relationships can reach heights in love, trust, and friendship that are out of this world. Here is the breakdown of how each aspect of the libra and Taurus and compatibility matches up.

Libra Traits

A Libra is a person born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Being an air sign, Libras thrive on being as free as can, making them extroverted people. They feed off the energy of the world and love to be surrounded by other who share their zest for life. they’re friendly with everyone and are easy to fall in love with because of their charm.

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Elizaveta Dushechkina / Pexels
Elizaveta Dushechkina / Pexels

Libras have a hard time seeing the bigger picture and can fixate on the little things, making them get upset quickly. They have high standards of what they deem to be attractive or good enough and love to shop and maintain their appearance

However, Libras re symbolized by the scales and also crave balance. They thrive on order and are the kind of people who love to make checklists and sort their wardrobe by color. Their balance also makes it easy for them to compromise, especially if it will lead to peace around them. This makes them great friends and partners and helps them succeed as leaders in their professional lives.

Libras are concerned with justice in the world. By character they’re diplomatic as an attempt to create harmony all around them. They chose their words carefully thanks to their strong sense of justice. They’re naturally empathetic and able to see all sides. However,their need to please everyone all the time makes them often indecisive and no confrontational. They would rather hold in their feelings than risk upsetting the other person. They’ll often take on more they can handle with the intention of wanting to help but be unable to fulfill the favors they agree to. This makes them slightly unreliable.

At the end of the day Libras are witty and smart and will be able to use their active imagination to work their way out of any difficulty situation. They’re great problem solvers ad others often go to them for advice.