The Short Film About Life And Death Is Hauntingly Beautiful

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This film ‘The Life Of Death’, is a five minute illustrative narrative that uses no words. In it, Death is portrayed as a man wearing a skull mask or helmet and sporting a floor length fur robe.

The film’s brevity (five minutes long), makes the film seem to speed ahead like a madman’s sprint downhill towards a metaphoric conclusion. It does this all with the calm and understanding of a Buddha. There is no dialogue, no speech at all, in fact.

The silence is punctuated gently with a simple orchestra, painting an audible scene as delightful to the ears as the soundtrack is to the ears.

Made by Marsha Onderstijn,’The Life Of Death’ is a stunning artistic force. That captures and displays a unique side of Death few ever imagine. Watch, as an innocent intention leads way to sorrow and life.

What really helps you appreciate every painstaking detail is the fact this whole ‘reel’, was drawn by hand!

The film is unbelievably cute and wonderfully playful. It was gone on to be featured in various international film festivals.

It was also featured on the EYE DVD of Selected Dutch Shorts. Her website is almost up, but she has Vimeo now so we can expect more excellence from her soon.

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