4 Signs You Care (Too Much) And How To Stop

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Caring too much is worse than not caring at all. By not setting boundaries and reasonable priorities, you enable others to not grow and weaken yourself. It can go deeper than mere people pleasing. Spiritually and mentally withering away because you gave all your love and resources to another, may seem like a noble suffering.

In truth it isn’t, you fill the need that is supposed to motivate that person to create new resources and means of caring for themselves. Manipulative and aggressive personalities are drawn to people who care too much, painting them as targets.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with caring and its likely deeply rooted in your personality. If you’re looking for personalized answers on why you care to the extent that you do then you’ll want to tap into the what the 4,000-year-old science of Numerology can reveal about you. The numerology of your birth date, regardless of what month you were born, can reveal surprising information about your personality.

You And Your Needs Are Never A Priority

You are the kind of person to make everyone else gets a plate before you serve yourself. This means that you don’t always get a plate of food for yourself.

You constantly make sure everyone around you has what they need to succeed, but never listen to your own needs for success.

You are so busy making sure everyone feels empowered and loved your own needs get pushed to the side. Your own mental and spiritual health can be jeopardized.