Discover Your Life Purpose By Asking These 11 Questions

Sometimes finding your potential isn't about scaling a mountain, spending a year in meditation, or spending 25 years in school. Sometimes it's about looking within, deep within, to find out how to manifest your destiny.

These are some good questions to ask yourself when starting that journey.

What gives me strength?

What is it that fills you with energy? What motivates you beyond anything else?

What truly excites me?

What is it in life that truly sets you ablaze? What are you most passionate about?

What kind of shower ideas do I get?

Write them down. Seriously.

What do people consider me the expert on?

What kinds of things do people often consult with me about?

What are my conversations like with people close to me?

What subject do we most often find ourselves on?

What do I do with my spare time?

The answer will tell you a lot about priorities.

What do I enjoy reading about?

This could help you hone in on interests.

What are my recurring dreams like?

What are they about?

What makes me feel most alive?

Are there any specific experiences that made you feel alive more than others?

What abilities did I have as a child?

Is it worth putting time into now as an adult?

What would I do if money wasn't an object?

This is the most important question of all.

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