These Lifelong Friends Built A Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere

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We love our close friends, but all too often, we let ourselves grow distant. This group of friends from Austin, Texas decided they didn’t want that to be their fate. They enjoyed their adventures together so much that they bought land in the middle of nowhere and build a row of tiny houses on it so they could be neighbors forever.

They called it the Llano Exit Strategy after buying land along the Llano river in Texas. They first discussed buying one big house to share but decided they’d need at least some private space.

“We’re going to be grey-haired friends,” say the friends. I believe them. Who needs a nursing home when you can have an awesome, off-grid setup like this? Each home is 400 square feet and cost $40,000 to build. They’re low impact and would self-sustain in many ways if SHTF.

Check out what they did: