This Is What Happens When You Become A Lightworker

You become so much more empathic.

Empathy isn't a superpower. We all come programmed for empathy. But some people are naturally more empathic than others. Light workers are among them. And truly, they have to be able to sense emotions better than others to initiate healing.

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You don't conform to any one group.

People will try to label you a bunch of different ways, but when you become a light worker, you no longer feel like social labels, like "hipster" or "hippie," as well as even racial and sexual labels fit you anymore.

You feel things deeply.

Once you've fully entered into the world of a lightworker, you feel everything so much more deeply than ever before. You truly become an empath, someone able to experience the plight of others as if it were your own.

People are naturally drawn to you.

Whether or not they consciously realize it, people will be drawn to you once you've become a light worker. Somewhere deep down inside, they know who you are and what you're all about.

You have no fear of death.

Light workers don't have a fear of death. They can understand the inevitability and really the usefulness of death.

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