“Like One In 2 Million” Rare Twins Were Both Born With Down Syndrome, See How They’re Doing Now

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A mother’s greatest wish when she is with child is that she will give birth to healthy, happy children who will grow up to have a good life and be successful. Unfortunately, complications arise proving that life rarely goes according to plan. Savannah Combs, a young mother, was overjoyed when she learned that she was pregnant. Even when her twins were both diagnosed with Down Syndrome, an extremely rare occurrence, she never lost her spark explaining: ““It’s very rare what they have, but they’ve been my little gems.”

Except doctors didn’t share her enthusiasm and when the twins were about to be born 6 weeks early, doctors had bad news…

Twice The Gift

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Mckenli Kennadi Ackerman / Facebook

Mckenli Kennadi Ackerman / Facebook

When a woman falls pregnant, the expectation is usually to have one child at a time. But, some get surprised with more at once! Savannah Combs is one of those people. She was given the gift of life, not once but twice at once.

However, the more kids are brought to the world at once, the higher the risk of complications. Twin pregnancy is not just risky for the babies, but also for the mother. The risk not only includes premature labor and complications but in the worst cases, fetal death. Having a baby with down syndrome increases the odds even more. Now having two babies diagnosed is double the risk. However, Savannah was just happy that her babies were “here.”