Like The Moon

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This Wednesday evening New Moon is like a seed being planted in the collective consciousness, electrifying us all with the passion to pursue whatever intentions we set sights on.

Although the circumstances may seem to hold us back with this global situation going on, for certain we will outshine that and material opportunities will be presented none the less.

The spark of vibrant energy we’re about to feel is Uranus, the planet of the revolutionary, technology, a rebellious and creative energy being conjoined by the New Moon.

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Another thing is the New Moon is square Saturn, which will produce a hardened, determined and very serious tone in the spark of inspiration.

With Jupiter in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn all year, that focused, intense (Pluto) Jupiter conjunct Pluto will produce themes of ambition, competition, and desire for material stability among all, throughout 2020.

A popping, social and electric moment of Venus trine Mars in Gemini/Aquarius will compliment to seed of intention planted in the New Moon.

To understand how this will affect the 12 signs individually, here’s some food for thought.


An energy of explosive willpower to do something, accomplish something, is bringing the innate power of your sign to its fullest potential at the moment.

If you feel any kind of adversity or frustration, around this New Moon a seed of determination should be planted, fertilized by that very adversity.