Are You Ready To Enter The Lionsgate Opening On August 8th? THIS Is What You Need To Know

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As we slowly begin to ease our way out of the month of the Leo, there is an extreme astronomical event about to take place as we all are about to pass through what is often referred to as the Lion’s Gate.

This occurs every single year when the dates of 8/8 roll around and thus begins the proud expedition that the famous zodiac, Leo, will demonstrate what it means to be courageous, proud, and balanced with the world around you.

This astronomical phenomena is one of the rarest times of year that we are able to access a greater power within ourselves that flourishes once we have allowed ourselves to pass through the Lion’s Gate.

Since Leo is directly connected with the Sun, the star will only empower our deeper hidden powers of confidence, love, and natural leadership that we are able to summon without any effort whatsoever.

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It is also important that you focus on the emotions that you are feeling at this exact moment in time.

The reason behind this is because if you do not have a certain balance established within yourself before you pass through the Lion’s Gate, then you could amplify any potential negative emotions that you may have absentmindedly let take over your every thought.

You will want to make sure that you are at some kind of peace with yourself as well as with your loved ones.