Little Girl Waits For Garbage Man Every Week To Give Him Her Cupcake, Finally Mom Finds Out Why

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We all had our own heroes growing up, even if they didn’t fit the expectation of what a hero looks like. Some of us looked at our dads as heroes, some of us thought our mother’s kindness was heroic. Some of us looked to superheroes for inspiration while some little girls believed in fairies as their heroes. Whoever it was, this person became our motivation and role model. We looked to them for approval and guidance.

For one little girl named Brooklyn, her hero was the always smiling garbage man. Week after week she would wait by the window waiting for him to drive by so that she can wave. No one knew why the pair was infatuated with one another until Brooklyn’s mother decided to finally stop the garbage man and talk to him.

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Garbage Day Quickly Became The Best Day Of The Week

Garabage truck on the street

Mike Clarke/kozmoat98/iStock/Getty

Mike Clarke/kozmoat98/iStock/Getty

Brooklyn’s favorite day of the week was Thursday and it’s not because it was one day short of the weekend. Thursday was garbage day in her neighborhood which meant that the garbage man would be driving by. For about a year, every Thursday Brooklyn would sit by the window and anxiously wait for the garbage truck, hoping that she wouldn’t miss it.

When the truck finally came to her house, she would wave and the garbage man would wave back. Quickly this became a routine that kept getting more and more personal. Brooklyn’s mom wrote about the whole exchange on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral.