5 Little Known Traits All Introverts Have But Probably Never Realized

3. Introverts are independent.

Introverts enjoy working and existing in solitude. They've learned, as kids and as adults, how to take care of themselves. They can do most things without any help, making them effective people to hire and be friends with

4. Introverts are reliable.

They are the opposite of flakey. They may not really be interested in going to be, crazy parties, but when it comes to pre-planned functions and work related things, the introvert is unmatched in reliability. They may be hard to fully understand if you're not like them, but trust me, you want an introvert around.

5. Introverts contain their emotions.

Introverts are great at separating work from home and all the rest of their feelings. They keep themselves under control. They've spend so much time living independently that they know themselves. They're masters of keeping a cool head.

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