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7 Signs You're Wasting Life And Can't Admit It

What did you want to be when you grew up? An engineer? A singer? The leader of a small cult? Why aren't you there yet?

It could be that you're wasting your time without even realizing it. What are the signs of wasting life?

1. You're always doing things you shouldn't be doing.

And you know what I'm talking about. Drinking too much, playing video games, watching TV, and doing all the other nothing things.

If you want to achieve your goals and live a full life, you gotta work and work hard. Of course, leave time for playing hard too.

2. You don't feed your mind.

You need to keep your mind busy. Read books, get hobbies, go out and do things. It's important to grow yourself and your mind. You don't want your mind to stagnate.

3. You talk down to yourself.

Negative self-talk is an enabler for habits like #1. You're in charge of how you feel about yourself, so feel positively.

It's as easily as feeling positively. Just knock off the negative self-talk.

4. You're on your phone all the time.

People reach into their pockets for their smart phones all the time. They need to text or facebook or hop on tinder - they can't be alone.

They always have to be entertained. Next time you find yourself sitting in a waiting room, maybe just sit there. Just sit. And think. And be a person.

5. You aren't taking care of yourself.

I'm talking routine exercise, showering regularly, and eating well. These kinds of things impact your mental state and can help get you stuck in #1.

6. You never leave your comfort zone.

There's a difference between never leaving your comfort zone and just not doing things you don't want to do, and it's an important distinction.

But true adventure lies outside of your comfort zone. Go out and do things! Volunteer. Visit another country. Get outside your comfort zone.

7. You just don't like your life.

It's as strong a sign as any. Time to make some changes!

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