Watch the terrifying moment when a man feeds locust to huge spider

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Spiders are one of the most feared things in the entire world. The bigger the spider, the more terrifying.

Spiders were put on this planet like most other things to kill, eat, and reproduce. They are the only ones with 8 creepy legs and a hairy chest.

Even the tiniest of spiders are just as dark and terrifying! A lot of spiders are venomous which make them very dangerous and even some lethal to humans.

So what we have here is a very horrific scene of a giant, one foot spider eating a locust.

In the video below, it is an unfair situation of a locust being fed to this enormous spider. Once the spider traps the locust it immediately starts spinning a web so fast it looks like the video is sped up.

The spider in the video is a harmless garden spider. Here is the full video:

For every animal video, there is always people ready to talk about animal cruelty.

Some say it wasn’t fair for the locust to just be handed over to the spider, another commented “what about all the locusts who hit your car, they didn’t have a fighting chance.”

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