According To Psychologists, These 5 Signs Prove You Are In A Long Lasting Relationship

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Every relationship is special and one of a kind. Two people coming together out of love and respect, has infinite potential. There are general traits that all enduring and productive romantic bonds have.

Yours may seem a little different than our examples, but if you look closely you will see that any difference is superficial. At the core of all compassionate gestures and genuine love are the same simple+ but powerful truths. The pronunciation may vary but the meaning is consistent.

You Never Ignore Each Other

I can not stress enough the importance of paying attention to your partner and honoring their needs. The more mindfully you can interact with your partner the more layers of trust and appreciation will grow. If you notice something new about your partner, say it! The little comments and compliments that should frequently punctuate your communication will set the groundwork for the two of you to express more serious or difficult topics.

As years are added to the time spent together, the communication can get stale. There are expectations and assumptions that both leave unspoken. The example of that old married couple with nothing to say to each other doesn’t have to happen. No matter how ingrained or reliable a behavior or pattern, don’t take the predictability as a given. Being able to notice the tiny changes in each other helps you acknowledge change and helps you both grow.