According To Psychologists, These 5 Signs Prove You Are In A Long Lasting Relationship

Your Fights Aren't Cruel or Contemptuous

Every couple fights, it's natural and inevitable. The way that the two of you express and receive thoughts and feelings is a major part of the foundation of your relationship. In times of stress or disagreement, the importance of these expressions is magnified.

A healthy and loving relationship won't fight for very long periods of time. Eventually the parties will miss the closeness and intimacy. They will lay aside pride and admit fault or compromise. When they fight, it isn't to hurt their lover, it isn't anything more than a miscommunication.

Neither of You Criticize or Breakdown the Other

In a relationship that is bound to last, there are no unnecessary critiques or judgements. If an action or intention is noticed that isn't productive or healthy, it is pointed out lovingly and without judgement. Anytime advice is offered it is out of compassion, not a desire to break the other down or feel superior. Every action that each member of a mindful and long lasting relationship does is for their mutual benefit.

The Two of You Grow Together, But There is Always Two of You

A strong and deep rooted relationship does not imply dependence. The two of you will learn the intricacies of each other's needs over time. As new methods of honoring those desires are realized, the solution doesn't entail that the other person's influence is mandatory. You two will create an amazing support structure for each other while never sacrificing independence. It is the diversity and variance of two unique people with distinct traits working towards a common goal that makes a relationship special and enduring.

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