I’m Such A “Look At The Moon” Person

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This is an incredibly important Full Moon event, with the Sun in the fire sign of Aries, quintile Mars in lightning-bolt Aquarius.

The Tuesday evening (West Coast) bright Full Moon in the socially conscious sign of Libra will form a hard sesquiquadrate to Venus in the social sign of Gemini, suggesting that this element of “togetherness” will socially connect people, albeit in a jagged, rugged way, for all of us to experience a surge of activity and progress together.

After that massive awakening of active, in motion energy brought on by the triple fusion of Mars/Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, a new wave of that vibrant, rejuvenating light is arriving in the form of Sun square Jupiter + Pluto.

The Sun in active, impulse-related and blindly courageous Aries forming the hard square to 2020’s main jewel, the focused, extremely active and ambitious Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, well this is like a fuse being lit, to create an explosion of new direction and passion for all.

This Full Moon squares Jupiter + Pluto, but the high energy of this moment will grow and grow for a week longer until the peak of the Sun square Jupiter/Pluto precisely.

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Below you’ll find info about how this momentous Full Moon’s will affect each sign individually.


With the great center of all this vibrant, passionate energy being your sign, you’re particularly bound to feel energized during this Full Moon.

It might resemble some of the most enjoyable moments of 2014 or 2015, when Uranus was at this location in your sign, where the Sun is now.