This Epic Lotus Tent Can Fit In A Duffle Bag

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This incredible lotus tent is one of the hottest items in the festival circuit. The Lotus Belle tent is a favorite for its unique design. Started by Harriet Seddon 3 years ago, the tent features the function of ancient Mongolian yurts with the comfort of modern amenities.

You can even fit some of your furniture in them, like beds, chairs, and dressers. You can choose a 13 foot tent or a 16 foot tent. The smaller can fit in a single duffle bag, while the larger fits in two since it’s about 50% larger.

The Lotus Belle fits in the trunk of a car and costs around $1,750 USD, considerably less than a yurt. The tent is waterproof, has a tough PVC floor made from the same type of PVC used to make kayaks.

I imagine something like this would be a lot of fun, but I also wonder how beneficial they could be to entire families that have become homeless or refugees. They can’t be designed only for trust fund kids at Coachella, right?

Check it out: