8 Things To Remember If You Love An Introvert

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1. They love you, but they also love their alone time.

Introverts are empaths by nature. They are full of love! But they’re also full of a desire to spend time on their own and recharge their batteries when it’s most needed. Respect their space.

2. They love other people.

Like I said, introverts are empaths. They love people. They are exceptionally good at appreciating the experiences that other people are having. There’s a misconception out there that introverts hate other people, but that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. They love people.

3. They are introspective.

Introverts have mastered the ability to look inward. As a result, they understand themselves, what they want in life, and where they’re headed in life. They appreciate people who have the same degree of inward focus.

4. They enjoy having fun!

Aside from being unfriendly, there’s another major misconception about introverts: that they are depressed and don’t like having fun. This definitely isn’t the case. Introverts love to have a good time, they just prefer to have a good time on their terms.

5. They make good listeners.

Introverts are less concerned with talking as they are about listening. Like I mentioned a few times now: introverts are empaths. They’re able to feel the experiences of others as if they were happening to them. They like to learn about the people they’re with and understand what makes them tick.

6. They don’t enjoy big gatherings.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. They aren’t going to want to go on a date with you down to the kegger by the university.

7. They dislike small talk.

Introverts are the philosophers and deep thinking people of our society. Small talk seems awkward. Yes, the weather is a thing. Yeah, go local sportsball team! Whatever. They like to cut to the chase.

8. They want to truly get to know you.

It’ll lead to a stronger relationship in an end. Let them know the real you.

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