5 Things You Need To Know Before You Fall In Love With An Old Soul

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We like the simple things.

If you’re taking us out on a date, we don’t need to be impressed by your choice of fancy wines and cheese or anything like that. We dig the simple things. Cup of coffee and a hike works just fine.

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We’re usually more introverted.

Yeah, we’re not really the fancy bar or loud club types of people. A nice book store or coffee shop tends to make us happier. We’re just not your party hardy drinking Bacardi types. Though we might be willing to drink Bacardi in the comfort of our homes.

We’re easy going by nature.

You’re just not going to find too many old souls who get all fired up and passionate about stuff. We’re pretty easy going people. This makes us ideal partners in many ways because, if everything goes wrong, we’re right there with our level heads.

We go with our guts.

Through numerous reincarnations, we’ve found ourselves in a rather unique position of being able to sense things well with our intuition. We don’t always act logically, just know there’s a method to our madness.

We love big.

When we finally fall in love, we love big. Get ready for that.

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