What To Know When Dating Someone Who Enjoys Solitude

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Everyone’s a little bit different, but the people who many find so difficult to be around are the people who enjoy their solitude.

If you find yourself dating someone like that, this is what you need to know.

1. They are emotionally strong.

A man standing on a path by himself.
Unsplash / Adiel Gavish
Unsplash / Adiel Gavish

They’re typically used to relying on themselves if they enjoy a solitary life. They fight and win their own battles.

It may seem a little intimidating to you at first. Don’t let it put you off though. Why would you want to be with an emotionally weak person?

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2. They do their own thing.

It’s hard to break them out of their usual routine, but it doesn’t mean they won’t eventually let you in. It also doesn’t mean they won’t get into what you like too.

3. They don’t rely on others for much.

And it’s relieving when you’re with someone who knows how to rely on themselves.

4. They’re happy when things go their way.

Which means they might be kind of stubborn when you disagree on things. Just know that you don’t need to be bullied into submission because they want to be right.

5. They may want to take it slow.

And that’s alright. Don’t push them too hard.

6. They’re still going to need their time alone.

And you’re going to have to accept that. Clinginess isn’t going to work for them at all. You don’t want to push them away by coming on too strong.

7. They might be freaked out by how much they like you.

So give them space, respect their interests, be there for them, know when to buzz off, take it slow, respect their routine, and they’ll be ready in time.

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