10 Reasons You Should Love Having ADD

Years ago, before I was even born, kids who are now diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder were seen as creative, artistic, fun and at times revolutionary. Now, those traits are no longer wanted in children or adults for that matter. Society wants good little soldiers. As a result, we see ADD so negatively. But maybe it's not all that bad. Here are the 10 reasons you should love having ADD:

1. You see things others miss.

And you see that others miss it. Sometimes the way you see the world seems supernatural and that's alright. Run with it.

2. You're awesome at multitasking.

One thing at a time? Pass. You can do all the things at once! Or maybe some of the things at once. Not a problem though. You're on it.

3. You're a deeper thinker than most.

Most conversations feel vapid and boring. Of course, many may say the same about you. You're probably more philosophical than most. That's alright. Enjoy it. Connect with people like you.

4. You're good at things others aren't.

Tons of careers open up to you, be it in art, acting, writing, marketing, musician, filmmaker, or big shot Wall Street executive. You can handle it.

5. When you find what you love, you let it capture you.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Why not be all in on your passions?

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