18 Ways We’ve All Acted Toxic In Our Pasts

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I hear from people all the time discussing the negative, toxic behaviors of other people they know that pushes them away. These kinds of behaviors can devastate your family and friends over time.

But we have to be real: we’ve all acted in toxic ways in the past. Things like gossip, thoughtless anger, and a lack of compassion are something I’m sure we’ve all done in the past.

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. You’re outwardly envious of the people around you.

A woman looking at the man she's with who's on his phone.
Pexels / Budgeron Bach
Pexels / Budgeron Bach

2. Taking things way too personally.

3. Acting like you’re the victim.

4. Holding onto pain and negativity.

5. Chronic negativity.