7 Things You Need To Know If You Love A Sensitive, Anxious Woman

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If you’re dating (or interested in dating) a highly sensitive or anxious woman, there are some serious things to consider. A relationship with a sensitive soul can be so rewarding and full, and it’s also a different world to navigate, beyond the “typical” relationship stuff. Highly sensitive women and women who experience high-functioning anxiety may not even know that they’re a little “different.”

After all, everyone experiences emotional turmoil and feelings of deep sensitivity from time to time. But, some people experience deeper levels of emotions, anxiety, and stress than the average person. And while those with an anxiety disorder may find treatment to ease their stress and anxiety, highly sensitive people live with enhanced emotions their whole lives.

If you’re wanting to move forward in a relationship with a sensitive, anxious woman, here are 7 things you should know.

1. She’s easily hurt and used to being let down.

A woman sitting on a windowsill, looking outwards.

She’s been hurt before by past relationships and even friendships. She’s been let down more times than she can count. And she remains easily hurt and disappointed. In fact, she may try and manage her expectations by expecting disappointment to avoid being let down and hurt again.

It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with her and follow through with your word. Keeping your promises will affirm to her deepest parts that you’re not going to let her down.

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