7 Things You Need To Know If You Love A Sensitive, Anxious Woman

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If you’re dating (or interested in dating) a highly sensitive or anxious woman, there are some serious things to consider. A relationship with a sensitive soul can be so rewarding and full, and it’s also a different world to navigate, beyond the “typical” relationship stuff. Highly sensitive women and women who experience high-functioning anxiety may not even know that they’re a little “different.”

After all, everyone experiences emotional turmoil and feelings of deep sensitivity from time to time. But, some people experience deeper levels of emotions, anxiety, and stress than the average person. And while those with an anxiety disorder may find treatment to ease their stress and anxiety, highly sensitive people live with enhanced emotions their whole lives.

If you’re wanting to move forward in a relationship with a sensitive, anxious woman, here are 7 things you should know.

1. She’s easily hurt and used to being let down.

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She’s been hurt before by past relationships and even friendships. She’s been let down more times than she can count. And she remains easily hurt and disappointed. In fact, she may try and manage her expectations by expecting disappointment to avoid being let down and hurt again.

It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with her and follow through with your word. Keeping your promises will affirm to her deepest parts that you’re not going to let her down.

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2. She may be hard to read, with her emotions changing from day to day.

Her emotions are constantly changing and she may project others’ emotions out to the world. For instance, if she’s around someone at work who is angry and mad, she may come home projecting anger and it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Or, she may feel deeply about the things going on in the world, her community, life in general. Something as simple as watching the news may impact her mood and emotions. She may seem so happy and content one day and depressed and withdrawn the next. That’s ok and she just wants you to hold space for her as she is.

3. Noisy environments can be overwhelming for her.

Being highly sensitive (and a woman), noisy environments impact her on a deeper level and may be overwhelming.

Going to concerts, parties, even just out in the city may be both exhausting and stressful. Beyond that, small and consistent noises may also be triggering, such as a constant fan running, a loud air conditioner, and other day-to-day noises.

Be ok if she needs to retreat to a quiet space or if she needs time for herself to calm down. Know that it’s not personal and it’s not an overreaction if she’s feeling overwhelmed.

4. She attaches deeply and quickly.

She tries to guard her heart, but often falls hard and fast. She takes personal relationships seriously and gets attached quickly.

This can lead to codependency and unhealthy behaviors. She might come across as clingy, needy, and desperate. In reality, she just feels so deeply and quickly that she gets attached quickly.

Be honest and open in how you’re feeling, especially if her attachment is overwhelming you. Practice reaffirming her as you express yourself so she doesn’t feel like you’re pushing her away.

5. She’s full of love.

As a highly sensitive woman, she feels so deeply and holds so much love. She’s got a lot of love to give and room to accept a lot of love. She doesn’t easily keep walls up around her feelings, despite her efforts, so you’ll get full access to her heart.

She’s also full of passion and compassion. She feels so deeply not only for herself, but for others as well.

6. She’s anxious about messing things up.

She’s nervous and anxious about messing things up, especially in relationships. If she perceives that things aren’t going well, she puts the blame on herself.

Reaffirming her that she’s doing great can help her to feel safe and secure in the relationship.

7. She’s constantly overthinking.

All the things that could possibly go wrong are on replay in her head all day. She’s constantly overthinking and mapping out every possibility and potential scenario – often focusing on the negative outcomes.

Loving a sensitive, anxious woman.

A relationship with a sensitive and anxious woman can be so rewarding. She can love so deeply and passionately and provides a view of the world from a totally different standpoint.

It’s important to remember her needs moving forward and offer regular validation and support. She’ll thrive with a safe and comfortable space to be emotionally vulnerable.

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