9 Signs Of A Healthy, Inspiring Relationship

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1. Your partner inspired you to be a better person.

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Pexels / Adam Kontor
Pexels / Adam Kontor

Which isn’t to say that you’re not already a stellar, fabulous person!

But your partner will likely inspire in you a drive to do your best at everything, strive for even greater things, and in the end, make you a better person.

2. Your partner always has your back.

But at the same time, your perfect partner won’t pull punches when you need them.

Part of growing and developing as a person and in your relationship is to know when you wrong, and your partner understands that, but they also know that you deserve support, even when you have messed up.

3. Your partner knows you better than you know you.

They’ll know what you’re going to say before you say it, good or bad.

They’ll know what you’re thinking. You won’t be able to hide much of anything from them. And they won’t be able to hide much from you either.

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4. You don’t get tired of each other.

Usually when you’re seeing someone, you need a little bit of alone time now and then. But when you’re with someone you’re meant to be with, you just can’t get enough of each other.

You want to go everywhere together and do everything together. When you’re apart, all you can do is think of the others.

5. When your partner makes goals, they make goals with you in mind.

We all have hopes, dreams and goals for ourselves.

Many times, they concern only ourselves, but in that perfect relationship, your partner will always keep you in mind. Is his dream job in a place you don’t want to live?

He’ll consider that. Is her heart in doing something you might not want to? She’ll keep it in mind. When your partner dreams, they dream with you.

6. Your partner finds ways to make you feel special.

Like I said before, they know you inside and out. So they know exactly what’s going to bring a smile to your mug.

7. Your partner easily shows their feelings.

Some people have a hard shell. I’m one of them. But even with a guy like me, I still open up for my perfect partner. And that’s a good sign.

8. You make your differences work.

Even when you have glaring differences, you find ways to make them work.

9. Your partner always makes your heart jump a little.

You feel the same way as you did on your first date.

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