7 Important Things You Need To Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

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1. Anxiety is normal.

Everyone feels anxiety from time to time. It’s a normal thing. Don’t treat the one you love like they’ve got some serious disease. That will only make it worse. Be there in a very benign kind of way.

2. Don’t obsess over whether or not they’re okay.

It doesn’t help when someone is panicking or feeling strong feelings of anxiety. Constructive things to say are “How can I help?” and “Remember to breathe.” “I’m here for you” is a good one too.

3. Remember, anxiety can be irrational.

And believe me, they already understand this fact. You don’t need to point it out to them. You can’t draw attention to their anxiety like that. Instead, be a calm, placid listener and a good friend. You’re there for them.

4. If they need time alone, it’s nothing personal.

Sometimes what a person with anxiety needs is a little bit of space to sort it out. If they turn you down for a date or to hang out, don’t take it personally. They’re just dealing with their anxiety. They’ll come around soon.

5. Anxiety isn’t a uniform thing.

It’s a little bit different for everyone. Some show outward fear. Others come off as frustrated. Anxiety is different for everyone, and it can also change from day to day with each person. Just roll with the punches.

6. Anxious people are not cowards.

There’s a misconception that anxiety is related to a person not being willing to face their biggest fears. Some think its cowardice, that an anxious person just can’t deal with existing. This is not the case. Do not try to tell them to buck up.

7. Remember, they’re awesome.

There’s a reason you love them, right? Treat them as awesome as they really are and they’ll be in good shape in no time.

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