10 Things You Need To Understand If You Love Someone With ADD

If you love someone with ADD, there are some things you should know about us. I'm not going to ask you to be patient with us or work with us because we're fine and nothing is inherently wrong with us.

No need to tiptoe. Just keep these things in minds.

1. We tend to be fairly dynamic people.

That just makes us more fun though. People with ADD tend to break out of the mold more so than others. It's part of why I think doctors and parents want to medicate kids with ADD. Get them back in line. Go ahead, Johnny. Take your pill and be a good little soldier.

2. We have trouble focusing.

I should say we have trouble focusing on boring shit. When I was a kid, I had teachers suggesting I be medicated because I didn't focus in class. No one stopped to consider that maybe putting kid in a cinder block box with 30 other kids under fluorescent lights and teaching them already uninteresting content matter might be something my 12 year old brain didn't want to pay attention to.

3. Our minds race when we're emotional.

I'll tell you, when I get worked up about something, I really have to make an effort to chill out. Especially when I'm really happy or excited about something.

4. When we do concentrate, we do so intensely.

In addition to #2, when we are interested in things, we have no trouble concentrating. Or at least a lot less trouble.

5. We sometimes have wild outbursts.

Especially when being antagonized. As I've gotten older, I've become a little bit better at controlling myself that way, particularly when dealing with obnoxious people. But still, when I snap, it's devastating for the other party.

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