4 Things You Need To Remember If You Love Someone Who Hides Their Anxiety

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Recognize that they’re strong people.

We have this tendency as a society to believe that people with anxiety are weaklings; that they’re so wimpy they can’t handle a little bit of real world adulthood. But that’s not why people suffer from anxiety.

Instead, recognize that people with anxiety are strong to deal with what they have to deal with and still keep themselves on the right track. It takes a great deal of strength to face down a life that torments them.

Help them feel comfortable.

Your job isn’t to fix them, but you can go out of your way to help them feel comfortable. Put on their favorite Netflix show, grab them their favorite snack, get their favorite blanket, and just be there for them.

Help them with their issues but only if they want it.

Sometimes people with anxiety need help and they recognize that they want it. When they do want it, be there for them! Do whatever you can.

Let them deal with it alone if that’s what they want.

Sometimes people without anxiety get it in their heads that it’s their job in life to fix their loved ones with anxiety. That’s not really the case. Some people would rather deal with it on their own and the best thing you can do is respect that.

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