5 Reasons You Might Attract Haters

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You have an interesting life.

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Unsplash / Antonino Visalli
Unsplash / Antonino Visalli

Haters show up in your life for a variety of reasons that simply can’t be helped. One of those reasons is that your life is interesting.

People look at you and know you’re leading a good life. For people who maybe aren’t too happy with their lives, they turn to hating on you. Don’t mind the haters. You keep doing you.

You attract attention.

One consequence of having a well put together life is that the focus of attention is on you. Good days at work, awesome accomplishments, and a happy life at home all warrant their own attention.

When you’re getting the attention, your haters aren’t. And what’s a hater to do? Why, hate of course.

You’re a strong person.

There’s nothing haters hate more than seeing you strong and resilient in the face of the harshest trials in life. Haters, by nature, are weak-willed, weak-minded, well, just weak people in general.

They think they’ll become stronger if they tear down those around them. The only way to become stronger is to strengthen yourself.

You do good things.

Doing good things for your community really drives those haters up the wall because they themselves do nothing for their communities and nothing to help themselves feel better.

Haters don’t ever do anything, so they make themselves feel better by attacking those who do.

Your life means something.

At the core of it all, your haters haven’t made lives for themselves that are meaningful to them. It’s no consequence to you. Greet your haters with love.

Know them. Help them rise to their challenges. And if they can’t, or won’t, say goodbye.

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