5 Wonderful Qualities About Those Born Under Taurus

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People who are born from April 21 and May 21 fit within the astrological sign of Taurus.

People born under this sign are strong, reliable, practical, warm, devoted and stable. These formations make the perfect platform for a true friend.

This sign gives rise to people that will share their umbrella with you on a rainy day, They’ll walk with out of their way to make sure you don’t get wet or lonely.

They care about you and don’t want anything from you but your company and happiness (maybe an adventure or two).

They Will Be There Till The End

Three girls sitting on a dock, the two on the end making a heart with their head overtop.
Unsplash / Melissa Askew
Unsplash / Melissa Askew

A friend that stays with you, through the good and bad, is a rare person that should be cherished. Your Taurus supports you when times are hard, in a way that lets you retain your sense of independence.

They are Self Confident

The Taurus isn’t typically overly proud or egotistical, with a fair amount of humility, they project a sense of contentment.

They aren’t trying to prove anything to anyone or striving to cover their flaws. Having such a genuine person, that readily expresses sincerity, will always be a productive influence.

They’re Quick To Forgive And Move On

If you wrong a Taurus, you will have to work to make it up. They will forgive you but they aren’t likely to forget. If you continue to mess them around they will push you further and further away until they are gone.

It’s important to have friends that you can’t walk on accidentally someone who will stand up to you if need be. If something is bothering them, they will let you know because they are straightforward.

They Understand What Matters

They understand the important elements to a relationship and life. They stress clear, simple communication, listening actively and speaking sincerely. They are very keen on personal development.

They look at the situation as a whole, and try to make decisions that benefit more than just them.

Taurus Will Accept You The Way You Are

They have already taught themselves self love. Through their sincere appreciation of themselves, they look at you with the same compassion.

They won’t judge you, will always listen to you and get your back 100% of the time. While you learn how to nurture yourself they can help.

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