Lucid Dreaming Step By Step Guide  For Beginner Dream Control

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A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. They say between 51% to 82% of people end up experiencing a lucid dream at least once in their life. The reason why many can’t lucid dream is that they wake from their dreams. The trick of lucid dreaming is to stay in the dream state and explore it.

Expert Lucid dreamers can even master techniques that influence their brains to dream about a particular problem or idea. They use their dream to play out problems as to figure out solutions to them. They end up using lcuid dreaming to improve their confidence or even certain abilities. But we’re not there yet and that’s okay. Let start with the basics.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Rest Inducing Sanctuary

man holding blue string lights in a bowl while sitting in bed

Max Felner / Unsplash

Max Felner / Unsplash

You want to increase all odds of your sleep being restful and plenty. Keep technology and screen time away from the bed as to not have the mind associate that space with anything but sleep. Remember that dreams happen during REM which is the last stage of your sleep cycle. This happens usually during the second half of the night so you want to make sure that you’re letting your body sleep all the way through till then.

Optimize your bedroom space and sleep by keeping the room dark, cool and quiet. You could also try falling asleep to a noise machine or using blackout curtains. As you start falling asleep, plan your dream in advance.