Lucky Girl Syndrome, The Viral Manifestation Technique That People Swear By

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If you know someone who seems exceptionally lucky in life, it’s easy to envy them. It seems like they don’t have to work for anything; they receive blessings without an ounce of effort put in. Were they born lucky? Does some higher power smile upon them while leaving the rest in the dust?

Probably not, but there may be a technique they use in their daily lives that makes them appear luckier than the rest of us. A viral manifestation technique called Lucky Girl Syndrome took over social media earlier this year, teaching everyone how they, too, can become a lucky girl.

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Lady Luck’s Presence

Do you consider yourself to be lucky? Are you presented with fruitful opportunities often, stumble across wonderful deals, or have a knack for finding money when you least expect it?

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Envato / duallogic
Envato / duallogic

What if I told you that, if you aren’t very lucky at all, you might be able to change that simply by believing that you’re lucky anyway?

‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ was a phenomenon that took over TikTok and other social media. Women made videos upon videos proving how (for real this time) one simple trick could change your life forever.

Proven Track Record

One of the initial videos that circulated defining ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ was made by a woman named Laura Galebe. Her video has over 3 million views and almost 500k likes, meaning people were willing to hear what she had to say.

The video starts strong, advising viewers to listen up as she was about to change their lives.

She then goes on to describe how once she started this new habit of hers, she’s become the luckiest person she knows, as she gets continuous “insane” opportunities that feel like they appear out of nowhere. “[…] it feels like the odds are completely in my favor,” she explains.

No Option For Failure

She attributes her abundance in luck to telling people she’s lucky. She expresses gratitude for her luck, says that great things always happen to her, and simply ‘expects’ these opportunities to come her way, so they do.

A screenshot from a TikTok featured in the article.
TikTok / @lauragalebe
TikTok / @lauragalebe

“I know there’s going to be someone in the comments who’s like, ‘Well, that just opens more room for disappointment because if something doesn’t go your way then you’re going to be disappointed.’ Well, no, because nothing ever doesn’t go my way.”

“If it doesn’t go the exact way that I wanted it to go, then something better comes up after it.”

Indulging Delusion

It sounds too good to be true, right? Like a superpower of sorts, or some sort of divine intervention. Galebe swears that all it is is believing in one’s ability to attract good things so much that they have no choice but to come to you.

A screenshot from a TikTok featured in the article.
TikTok / @lauragalebe
TikTok / @lauragalebe

“So trust me when I say this. Try being delusional for a month and tell me if your life doesn’t change.”

Thus, ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ was born, and it swiftly took over the internet.

Rediscovered Again

Women everywhere, from all walks of life, decided to give this a shot.

A collection of clovers growing out of the ground.
Pexels / Sudipta Mondal
Pexels / Sudipta Mondal

Really, it’s just a manifestation tactic, right? People who have read The Secret, or those who believe in the law of assumption, might find that this sounds awfully familiar. That’s because it’s largely the same concepts repackaged for different lifestyles and beliefs. No matter the name, it always boils down to fully believing in one’s ability to receive good fortune, even to the point of delusion, as Galebe put it.

As far as life-changing advice goes, it’s actually pretty simple, so many found it easy to incorporate into their lives.

Notable Results

Those who gave it a shot were happy to share their results. Another video, which wound up more popular than the first with over 5 million views and 800k likes, showed two college-age girls discussing all the ways that Lucky Girl Syndrome made things work out in their favor.


Just more proof for those than may not believe that THIS WORKS! I’ve been doing it forever and this new phrase has really kicked it up a notch! As you fall asleep and as you wake up say “Everything always works out for me and good things happen to me unexpectedly every day”. When something good happens in your life repeat it again! Share what these phrases have brought into your life in the comments! #tessicavison #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness #affirmations #luckygirlsyndrome #luckygirl

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Another woman shared how she’d been doing this long before it was a named trend, and it’s always worked for her, even helping her finances by saving her some money on more than one occasion.

So, How Do We Become Lucky Girls?

The core behavior of Lucky Girl Syndrome is the use of affirmations. Affirmations are simple statements that you speak as if they’re fact, ones that reassure and and invite good things into your life. Some examples of affirmations used by those desiring Lucky Girl Syndrome experiences are, “Things always work out for me”, “Good things always happen to me”, and “I’m the luckiest person I know.”


the amount of blessings I’ve received since doing this is CRAZY 😭💗🙏🏽✨ #luckygirlsyndrome #manifestation #luckygirl #lawofassumption #affirmations #dreamlife

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Another TikTok user, @tamkaur_, explained how you can incorporate vision boards and gratitude journals into the routine as well.

Visible, Realistic Goals

Her method involved keeping all of your goals, dreams, and desires in one place you can look back on frequently. In fact, she advises that you look at it for at least a minute every single day, then speak these goals into existence by talking about them as if it’s a fact that they’re coming your way.

A screenshot from a TikTok featured in the article.
TikTok / @tamkaur_
TikTok / @tamkaur_

Say that one of your goals is to start your own business. You could write details about that idea in a journal and then, while meditating on it, say things like “My business will be so successful, I’m going to love being an entrepreneur,” or “Being my own boss will do wonders for my mental and financial health.”

It Goes Deeper

Galebe returned after the Lucky Girl Syndrome trend had already taken off to explain an even more profound way someone could incorporate this mindset into their daily routine.

She explains that she saw a neuroscientist explain the concept of theta waves.

Theta waves are a frequency of brain waves humans experience within the first 10 minutes of us waking up. It’s considered an extremely light stage of sleep and affects areas of cognition, memory, and learning. It is a relaxed state of mind where our brains are more receptive to information.

Start The Day Off Right

Galebe suggests using this time when our brains are highly malleable to further reinforce those affirmations we’ve been telling ourselves, essentially implanting them into our mind right at the start of our day when we’re the most susceptible to the information we’re receiving.


IM NOT KIDDING U HAVE TO TRY THIS AND LMK IF IT ALSO WORKED FOR U. The most amazing things have been coming my way but 2x faster than normal. #luckygirlsyndrome #morningroutine #morningaffirmations #affirmations #luckygirlsyndromeaffirmations #luckygirlsyndromechallenge #subconsious #reprogramyoursubconscious

♬ original sound – Laura Galebe

She explains that every time she wakes up, be it in the morning or in the middle of the night, she spends the first few seconds telling herself, “I’m so lucky, great things always happen to me unexpectedly.”

She then spends the rest of those first 10 minutes not looking at her phone or thinking about anything negative.

A Funny Feeling

She says it’s worked for her to an amazing degree. She mentions how she’s been using affirmations like this for a long time now, but not long after she included them in her morning routine, her life had done “a complete 180.”

A screenshot from a TikTok featured in the article.
TikTok / @lauragalebe
TikTok / @lauragalebe

“Ever since I started doing it, my days… like, every single day just has a nice surprise for me. Big or small, just every single day something great happens.”

She also describes a new but constant ‘gut feeling’ she’s been having where she feels like she’s constantly on the brink of something huge or amazing happening to her.

What Does It All Mean?

Well, that’s up to you!

A woman with a cloud covering her face and head.
Pexels / Robert Serban
Pexels / Robert Serban

The thing about Lucky Girl Syndrome is that it isn’t magic. It’s not something people can ‘catch’, it’s not an inherent genetic trait, and there aren’t some people who are more predisposed to being lucky than others. Lady luck smiles down on all of us equally, even at times where it really doesn’t feel like it.

Did all of these peoples’ lives change after they started thinking of themselves as lucky? Maybe! There’s more to it than the universe bending to their wishes, though.

The One Constant

TikTok user @lauren_bulloch made a video explaining her experience with ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’, also saying that something similar had helped her years prior, but she had made an important note in the middle of her story.

When she was at her lowest, she decided to study up on successful people and see what they did. She read self-help books, financial tip books, books about therapy, and so on. She saw a common thread in all those books: the power of a positive daily mindset.

It’s In Our Heads, Really

And that’s the secret behind it all, folks. The power of positive thinking is truly not to be underestimated. There’s a reason why so many therapy paths and programs involve changing one’s thought patterns to be more optimistic.

Two girl sitting on top of a car, looking off into the distance.
Pexels / Elijah O’Donnell
Pexels / Elijah O’Donnell

This is also largely what manifestation is. When we think positive things, it has an equally positive effect on our brains. When our brains feel happier, we feel happier, we feel confident, and we feel empowered to chase what it is we desire.

Personal Journeys

So, is Lucky Girl Syndrome real? Sure, if you want it to be. Some call it manifestation, while others see it as an extension of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In a case like this, all that matters is what works best for you.

A woman with a cloud covering her face and head.
Pexels / Robert Serban
Pexels / Robert Serban

With that said, if you don’t relate to these women at all, if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘lucky girl’ and don’t think you ever will, that’s okay too. You’re not lesser than anyone here and you’re not unworthy of luck or good fortune.

As of writing, the Lucky Girl Syndrome hashtag on TikTok has over 431 million views. While it may not be sound science, it seems to be working for plenty of people, which means it may absolutely work for you too.

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