On The Night of September 16, 2016 There Will Be A Rare Lunar Eclipse In Pisces. Prepare For A Major Shift!

What we should be focusing on this time around with the major shift is our spiritual as well as creative aspects of our personalities, since Pisces is the sign of emotion. Expect a lot of unfinished business to finally become resolved, this could mean anything that is going on in your life at this current moment.

In order to prepare yourself for this next astronomical shift you will want to be mindful about your relationships, any kind of unfinished projects, and anything that you've been trying to finish for however long you've been working on it.

When it comes to your relationship with a loved one you may experience a hidden truth that is finally making it's way to the surface or perhaps you will beginning a new relationship all together!

Either way, keep yourself open minded, listen carefully to whatever it is they are saying, and do your best to face whatever cruel truth comes your way.

There may be a certain kind of project that you've been working on for months that has taken it's sweet time to get to this point but it's almost done and you're almost there! I

n addition to some of these problems reconciling themselves, you may also experience a certain kind of release from anger, fear, or anything else that relates to being aggressive and allowing you finally be able to breathe for once without wanting to punch someone's lights out.

However, try to stay open minded, again, so that you are able to deal with the problems on a logical/reasonable level.

Even though we will all be experiencing our own encounter with the astronomical shift, it is still good to think about all of the things that you've accomplished up until this point in your life.

Perhaps with this new energy shift you will be inspired to begin something new and amazing for the first time in your life. This is the time to begin again and to let go of the past.

Let yourself be open to all of the possibilities, succeed in all of the things that you've dreamed about accomplishing, and make new goals for yourself to fulfill once again. The moment the earth, sun, and moon become perfectly aligned again, we will be ready for it.

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