Lunar Energy Impacts Horoscopes This Week, Here’s Why Logic Will Be Hard To Find For All Zodiacs

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Resolve to take action this week no matter what challenges you are facing. Positive and grounded lunar energy prevails all week, so this is a good time for putting plans into action instead of merely dreaming of what could be.

On Tuesday, Mars trines Uranus in a burst of positive energy that makes all things seem possible. Willpower is important here, but the planets show that if you are focused, determined and tenacious, there are ways and means of getting almost anything done.

Instincts are important over the weekend, when astrologers suggest logic may seem difficult to find. Get the best of both worlds by following your intuition but also planning for the best outcome.

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Give your ambitions free rein this week, Aries, because the cosmos is on your side, especially at work or in a professional capacity. Set big goals and don’t do yourself a disservice by hiding your skills and abilities. It’s OK to be loud about your talents – if you don’t, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

Tuesday’s Mars-Uranus trine is an especially good omen for a job promotion, progression or advancement. If you are attending an interview on that day, however, be careful not to come across as too pushy or too “new” – show that you understand the value of the status quo as well as the need for progress.