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Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety can tell you just how frustrating and what a difficult hinderance it can be in life.

Unfortunately it happens to be a relatively common issue in this day and age.

While there are ways to cope with anxiety, which you can learn if you have access to therapy or decent mental healthcare resources, often the most important and influential factor in managing it healthily is having a great support network.

So here are 5 things to remember if you are one of the many who love someone with anxiety.

It isn’t just a mental issue.

The behavioral symptoms of anxiety are fairly tell-tale and can be spotted relatively easily.

People can start speaking very fast, drawing shorter breaths, and tapping feet, fingers, or pacing the room.

A sudden bout of anxiety can bring on physical symptoms as well though, and these can be a little less obvious.

So be on the lookout for chronic “lightning” or momentary headaches, nausea or the feeling of a shaky stomach, or an uncomfortable rise in body temperature and uncontrollable flushing of the face.

If your loved one exhibits these signs, there’s a good chance you may need to help calm them before they’re in danger of having an anxiety attack.